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Middlesex club crest

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How it works

For each game that Middlesex play, you predict:

  • The result of the match

    Score 30 points for correctly predicting the result.

  • The top scoring Middlesex batsman

    Get a point for every run your chosen batsman scores plus 5 points for every catch they take.

  • The highest Middlesex wicket taker

    Score 15 points for every wicket your bowler takes plus 5 points for every catch they take.

  • A wildcard player

    Is bat going to dominate ball? Is the wicket a bowlers dream? Is an all rounder going to make all the difference? Score points for everything your wildcard does - 1 point per run, 15 points per wicket and 5 points per catch.

  • The aggregate runs in the match

    Predict the total number of runs in the match. The closer you get, the more points you score.

Beat the legend

Can you out predict Mike Gatting?

Take on Middlesex and England legend Mike Gatting in a head to head prediction. Each match your score will be compared to Gatt's and a winner declared. Have the best record at the end of the season, and you'll win an exclusive prize.

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